老化设备   自动老化线   多功能测试系统
Intelligent burn-in testing system   Complete automatic burn-in testing line   Multi-function power supply test system
Intelligent power aging test system support channel in parallel under any load mode, CC, CV, CR, CP, LED whole load mode, real-time display nine load state of the products under test.   The automatic system provide the Auto plug-in, Welding, ICT, Assembly, Hi-pot, ATE, Burn-in, Labeling,Packaging and other automatic station. Leader of the intelligent manufacturer of power supply.   Multi-function power supply test system with open architecture software platform, can test several sets of power supply once a time, high testing speed, high efficiency, stable performance
直流电源   可编程电子负载   新能源解决方案
Programmable DC power supply   Programmable DC electronic load meter   New Energy Automotive Solutions
High precision programmable dc power supply, apply to the power supply of high power dc power supply, inverter testing, battery charging , car DVD, car audio .   Programmable dc electronic load,high speed and high precision of multi-channel, has nine kinds of test mode, supporting the control of the PC software, the preferred instrument of the test engineer.   New energy automotive solution,support burn-in testing system of DC-DC converter, charging pile aging test system, power battery test system, automatic constant temperature water circulation
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